Batting a little for the fences this year, but with an understanding that it’s ambitious and that’s okay. :)


2018 Goals

  1. Write one new summary draft (with the world-building done) for a new book.
  2. Write & edit three new short stories.
  3. Continue the edit/rewrite of Frosthaven (to 2nd draft).
  4. Read 50+ books and keep a reading log (for real this time*).


  1. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (JAN)*
  2. Aspects of the Novel – E.M. Forster (JAN)*
  3. The Wave – Susan Casey (JAN)
  4. Dance, Dance, Dance – Haruki Murakami (JAN)*
  5. And Be a Villain – Rex Stout (FEB)
  6. The Letters of Vincent van Gogh – ed. Ronald de Leeuw, etc. (FEB)
  7. Two Years, Eight Months, and Twenty-Eight Nights – Salman Rushdie (MAR)
  8. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (MAR)
  9. The End of Fashion – Teri Agins (MAR)
  10. Blind Descent – James M. Tabor (APR)
  11. Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Fast Fashion – Elizabeth L. Cline (APR)
  12. Lumberjanes, Vol 1. – Noelle Stevenson (APR)
  13. The Magician’s Nephew – C. S. Lewis (MAY)
  14. 21 Balloons – William Péne de Bois (MAY)