If only it were this easy. ^_^

For the record: I do not look this evil when editing… I do, however, wear glasses…

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I’ve determined that I have an emotionally abusive relationship with my muse. 

Writing Stuff:

Yesterday evening was a stupid evening. I think the inspiration center of my brain (open M-W 10AM-2PM, Th-F 8AM-11AM, closed S/Sun/and whenever the heck it feels like it) and the anxiety center of my brain (24/7/365–always there when you don’t need it!) are in the same grimy strip mall I call a mind. It seemed like any and all hope of ever writing anything half-way decent was crushed to crap by my own twisted logic. It was *lovely* I assure you. Hence, the above doodle.

This afternoon, during my lunch break, I resolved–still aching from the self-inflicted emo-blows of last night–to not worry about getting anything accomplished. Instead, I would only try *not* to worry. It was the voice of my protagonist which was throwing me into agonies, so I figured a little mindless, unproductive practice couldn’t hurt. As an exercise, I did this: Try to write the story of The Three Little Pigs in the protagonist’s voice. How would she tell the story? 

It worked.

500+ painstaking words on the second section of “THE UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT” to now be nicknamed “DARK MATTER” because that was the original title way back when, and that’s how I refer to it in my head and in my notes/saves. And they’re not horrible. In fact, since I finished reading THE TERRIBLE HOURS last night, I really dug into the whole submarine rescue stuff. 

Note: I just spared you from yet another attempt at my being “cute”. You can pay me back later.


Also, monkeys are hard to draw.

Writing Stuff:

+ 900 words on the “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT” from the beginning–shock of shocks! Figured out I was mixing up the hero and the main character. Problem solved! ^_^ <–proud of myself face.

So I finally got myself some brushes/paint/etc. to start trying to oil paint. Figured it’d be cheaper than therapy as a way to relieve stress, lol. Haven’t done much art in a while, and I was chomping at the bit to get going, so yesterday I got to it! This was my first attempt:


The picture is a little blurry, but I couldn’t use a flash. >.< Sorry about that. I was pretty happy with it, considering I’ve never oil-painted before. Still have a ton to learn (like more drastic differences in shadow/more realistic face structure/etc.) but I feel like this first attempt at least gives me hope that I might actually be able to paint more realistic people someday, with a lot of practice. Figure I’ll move on to portraits/full-body portraits next from pictures.

painting2So today, I wanted to give it another go with some different styling. The day before I’d painted one half of the long canvas a reddish-purple, and wanted to try a portrait over it. I was originally shooting to create a likeness of one of my Thief characters, but the colors I selected (going more dramatic this time, to practice shading/face-structure again) and the facial structures (no sketch behind it this time) ended up creating a semi-David-Bowie/vampire look. Still, overall I’m really pretty happy with it. Will have to work on the translation of what’s-in-my-head to what’s-on-the-canvas, but still–for a second attempt, I’m content. ^_^

And for some other random pictures I’ve been meaning to post: Maple-Whiskey Salmon I made a week or two ago, and Mei and Ozzy on our bed.



Also, looks like I’m staying on at work for at least another month! YAY! So mid-January I’ll find out if I’m staying more permanently or if the temp job is going to end. At least I’ve got cash flow for the holiday season! ^_^

Now, off to do submissions and other Apexy work!

Writing Stuff: (more…)

SOOOOOOOO-! I’ve been doing some drawing lately. Not realistic drawing, mind, but cartooning. It’s been quite a while since I sat down and sketched/lined/colored something, and it’s hugely relaxing for me. Kicks me right into that right-brained timelessness, and my focus can be unbelievable (multi-hour drawing sessions, for example). I love doing this stuff! Good grief, I need to do it more often.

And I need to look into oil painting. That’s my next area of interest, besides trying to improve my real-life drawing. I’d love someday to be able to do my own coverart (provided there’s a cover to art–lol).

Writing Stuff:

Should be hearing back from my second reader on “Mimicry” soon, and then I’ll be punching away at the next draft.


“Mechanical Difficulties”


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