My name is Maggie Slater, and I write mainly fantasy/SF, often with a dark edge. My fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine, Zombies: More Recent Dead from Prime Books, The Bronzeville Bee, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Between 2008 to 2015, I worked for Apex Book Company in multiple roles under the Assistant Editor title, namely slushing, blogging, interviewing, and book formatting.

I am also a (very) amateur painter/cartoonist (as you will see), and zookeeper  parent of two strapping boys. I’m a self-admitted movie/TV addict, occasional gamer, craft beer enthusiast, notebook hoarder, poly-reader, and a zealous (and optimistic) goal-setter.

To find out more about me, you can visit any of the sites listed off to the right under Personal.

Thanks for stopping by!

9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Maggie, I am not 1, 2, 3, 4, and i don’t quite fit 5. I am a Kenyan writer, now a professional web content editor for a publishing company called Storymoja here in Kenya. I am a movie/TV addict, too, looove Sci-fi and casually flirt with horror films. I’m a comic/animation buff too. I just loved this description of yourself, I had to write you. Will keep up with your posts :) *wave all the way from Africa*

    1. notoriouscoward Says:

      Hello there! *waves all the way back from Portland OR!* Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you’ll find lots worth reading about here. Keep in touch! ^_^

  2. vvdenman Says:

    I’m a #5, working up to #4. Just stopping by to check you out. Love the picture. You look like you’re having fun!

    1. maggiedot Says:

      ^_^ Oh, indeed I am. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lee Thompson Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my first blog, Maggie! How have you been? Thanks for always being a sweetheart! I hope you have a wonderful 2010.


    1. notoriouscoward Says:

      Aw, thanks Lee! Doing good, though busy as always. ^_^ Thanks for dropping by!

  4. A 4.5 here. I kept noticing in my wordpress backend that a lot of people were clicking links to your blog from mine (even though I didn’t have any links; must be their related posts function, I gather) so I thought I’d come over and check out what my handful of visitors were checking out. I’m glad to see there’s connection between your blog and mine, what with you being a submissions editor for a genre mag and me being an aspiring genre writer (though not so much on the horror side). That being the case, I’ll have to stop by from time to time just to see if I can learn anything interesting about the editor’s side of the industry.

    I have to say, there’s something unsettling about that picture of you, there… though I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    1. notoriouscoward Says:

      Hi Stephen! It’s probably all that red ink. Yeah. That’s gotta be it. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Oh, that’s red ink, is it?

        Anyway, I was thinking it’s that rapt, deific gaze toward the heavens. But maybe you’re right…

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