When I first heard about Speak Out with Your Geek Out week, I had a hard time figuring out what my first post would be about. I do a lot of what would be called “geeky” things, and have a ton of fun with them too! But I wanted to start with something visual, and something I’ve always enjoyed: making little things. I’m not sure quite when it started, but I’d say–if I had to guess–the first example would be making little clothespin people. I always loved the little worry-dolls, and tiny things in general. I’ve never been too into doll houses, per say, so much as just the little *stuff* they had. I used to drool over American Girl Doll catalogues, not for the dolls, but for the neat TINY THINGS they had–like books that had real pages that could open, tiny working pencils or slate boards, adorable pint-sized quilts. *Loved it!*

I’d always liked sewing things–back in the day, I was a good ol’ 4Her with an emphasis on sewing–and had always been encouraged to do so. In high school, I was a smart aleck and made a “skin pillow” which was 1) not made of skin, and 2) not really much of a pillow: it was a skin diorama for science class that *als0* fulfilled my assignment for Home Ec. to make a stuffed thing. It was a cube of felt with a lot of random labeled features.

I really got into making little dolls (plushies, when they’re from felt) in college as a way to do something totally visual and kinetic as opposed to reading/writing/studying–my main hobbies. First one I did was a bit larger than the later ones: I’d seen Princess Mononoke years prior, but wanted to try making a tiny version of her. And it worked! Then I really got into tiny things, other characters, and really *really* pint-sized felt dolls. I even had a few who were “chibi” sized–smaller than two inches, with hand-stitched details. They’re just so much fun to make!

I haven’t done these for a while–what with a day job, a moonlight job, and writing, I don’t have as much time as I used to–but I’ve still got my boxes of felt, and one of these days, out they’ll come and I’ll make a tiny little Ashitaka or Sen to keep my other plushies company. :) There’s just nothing as much fun as seeing something three-dimensional come to life with a little glue and patience! Little Zoidberg even has a permanent place in me and Andy’s car, because–let’s face it–everybody should have a little Zoidberg peering at them over the edge of their sun visor. :)