I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. I don’t think I added anything to my schedule, except actually *keeping* a schedule. GAH.

I haven’t even had time to paint!

Oh, did I mention Andy got hit by a car yesterday? DON’T FREAK OUT. He’s fine. His shoulder is a little scraped up, but he didn’t hit his head or his neck or any other vital organs. He was a little shaken up, but not enough to stop him from jumping to his feet and shouting at the guy. The idiot in a BMW pulled out right in front of him without checking the bike lane, which just affirms our suspicion that all BMW owners drive like ***holes. If you drive a BMW–I’m not going to apologize to you, I’m going to give you this bit of information: people may assume you’re an ***hole because you drive a BMW. They are great cars, but drive nice. People need more positive examples. ^_-

Writing Stuff:

Got 1,061 words written on the “UNTITLED DYSTOPIC SF SHORT STORY” today at lunch. MORE THAN 1000 WORDS! That does not happen every day. Or almost ever. My typical speed, when things are going well is about 500 words per 1/2 hour. That means, when I’m in a REAL zone and don’t notice, I can punch out about 1000 words an hour. AT MY SMOOTHEST, FASTEST SPEED. I rarely beat that. So this was good! Actually, I didn’t even realize it was 1000+ until I just looked at it a second ago to get the new word count. Neat! ^_^

Also, finished Chapter 2 of the “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT” which is a nice hurdle to be past. I actually chopped it off a little earlier than I was thinking I would, but I figure it’ll work out better this way. On to Chapter 3!