So I’ve always heard that you’re supposed to exercise for at least an hour three times a week. For those of you who know me, you are likely to know that I’m a pretty sedentary person. It’s not always by choice: at work, I sit at the front desk and do computer work all day; during my lunch break, I write fiction (on my laptop, and therefore sitting down again); when I get home, I have submissions to do or email to check or general internet-based things to do; I play video games (sitting, no Wii yet); I blog; I read; I paint (at least this I do standing up); I cook (again, standing); and then I go to bed. There’s barely enough time in the day to get done everything I want to get done, much less make time to exercise. I’ve been at least temporarily blessed with a really high metabolism, so weight-loss/weight-control hasn’t really been a motivator. It embarrasses me when I go for a hike and realize how out of shape I am, but when do I have the time to be otherwise?

Well, at 5 in the morning, apparently. That’s when Andy and I haul our butts out of bed to go walk. Now, I recognize that some of you may scoff at “walking” as exercise, but my 80+ year old grandparents have always been dedicated walkers, not gym people, and they’re in great shape. My grandfather is a speed demon. It’s also a lot easier on my knees to do really brisk walking than to jog. Besides, I’m looking for some general stamina; I’m not planning on running any marathons, thanks very much. I’m talking about being in basic good shape.

So we’ve started walking bright and early, first thing in the morning. I’ll probably switch to something indoors when winter rolls around again, because it’s only due to the notable sunlight that I can even budge from bed this early. But I’ve already noticed a huge improvement. I feel more awake, more conscious, and more healthy overall. It may all be in my head, but I don’t particularly care. I’m getting more exercise now than I usually do. ^_^

 Writing Stuff:

So got in my (probably) last edits on “Imaginix” for FE yesterday! Hooray! If this sweep does it, then we move on to proofs, which will be awesome. I’m looking forward to the process.

Also got something done on the to-do list of D00M!: Finish Northermeed Island layout plans so I can re-plan Chapter 17 (and 18 and 19). In fact, I’ve included a snapshot of one of these sketches here for your viewing pleasure:


HA! How do you like that? Actually, unless you read The Thief Dilemma, you probably won’t care all that much, and that’s totally fine. Just wanted to show proof of the accomplishment, as there are four other sheets like this one detailing the entire manor structure from the 3rd floor down to the second basement level. 

For you TD readers, I also started the brand-new Chapter 17 beginning. Much, MUCH better this time. 


Writing To-Do List

– Re-plan Chapter 17 of Thief Dilemma (long)
X Finish Northermeed Island layout plans so I can re-plan Chapter 17 (and 18 and 19)
– Finish reading HEART OF THE STORM (excellent book on helicopter rescue)

– Re-write all but section 2 of Chapter 17: make it a “double-issue!” (10k words) OR continue on to Chapter 18 immediately and post simultaneously
– Write rough draft of “Sidrie’s Last Battle”
– Write rough draft of “The Screaming Trees”
– Finish Chapter 2 of “MARHA’S STORY” (a.k.a. UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT)

– 12-step edit of “The Road to Ki’o Ahi”
– 12-step edit of “Earthbound”
– Rewrite ending of “Swallow” from Amy’s POV
– 12-step edit “Blood Junkie”

– Make itinerary for “Ki’o Ahi”
– Make itinerary for “Earthbound”
– Make itinerary for “Swallow”
– Make itinerary for “Blood Junkie”