Just a short little post today. The Corporate head-honchos are down in Portland for today and tomorrow at work, and as unbelievable as it may sound to some of you, it’s actually a lot of fun. They’re all really nice, and it’s great to have the extra people in the office. It’s been a little quite of late. Plus, there were brownies, and that just spells AWESOME.

Catching up on my submissions queue at Apex, which is very good, too. Voting on Holding 2 tonight, as well. ^_^ 

Writing Stuff:

Got a bunch of writing in today. It was one of those delightful 1000 word rampages I occasionally get on during my lunch break. I blame the brownies, because I was full enough to forget I was supposed to be eating lunch. (Never fear, I did remember after my boss found my food in the microwave when he stopped in for a coffee refresh, and it was only a half-hour into my break.) ^_^ I love it when the writing clicks so well I lose track of time. Doesn’t happen nearly often enough!