Well folks, the trek is about to begin. Tomorrow morning (Sunday, August 17th) at 10:00 a.m., Andy and I will get in the car and begin the first of six legs of the journey. Here is our tentative itinerary:

Sunday, August 17th

Hollis, NH –> Rochester, NY –>Miles: ~385 –> Time: 6h 35min

Monday, August 18th

Rochester, NY –> Niagara, NY –> Cleveland, OH (Hi Katharine!)–> Southbend, IN–>Miles: ~534 –> Time: 8h 50min

Tuesday, August 19th

Southbend, IN –>Waukeegan, IL –>Fairmont, MN –>Miles: ~568 –>Time: 10h

Wednesday, August 20th

Fairmont, MN –> Keystone, SD –>Miles: ~478 –>Time: 7h

Thursday, August 21st

Keystone, SD –> Gardener, MT –>Miles:~514 –>Time: 8h

Friday, August 22nd

Gardiner, MT–>Coeur D’alene, ID –>Miles: ~444 –>Time: 6h 32min

Saturday, August 23rd

Coeur D’alene, ID –>Portland, OR –>Miles:~385 –>6h 10min

There are a few other alternative paths, depending on whether or not we can meet up with certain people, or whether or not we decide to stop at various sites. But more or less we’ll be in those general areas. Very likely, I will not be in any contact during that time, but hey–you guys are used to that after this summer, what with the two weeks to Switzerland and all. ^_^

See you in Portland!