Mondays are always long, but despite it being long, it was actually–overall–a good day!

Work started off a little odd. I don’t know if it was me or something in the air, but I just didn’t feel all that wanted. Like I was just irritating people, even I wasn’t doing anything wrong. But when I started working on the Author’s Page for the publicity manager, everything was great. I was nervous about what she’d think, because I know–truly–only very basic HTML, and when I’ve worked on web projects for other people (particularly people not doing the HTML themselves some) I’ve noticed that they seem to want the sky without realizing what is reasonably achievable with basic HTML. But she loved it! She was so excited about what I’d done so far, and she went to talk to a number of managers to see about finding an intern who could continue to do what I’ve been doing once I’ve graduated. (Personally, I wouldn’t mind if they outsourced the author pages to me, which I could probably do from wherever.) In her words, “I don’t want this to stop!” She was so happy, and that made me happy, and I do like what I’ve come up with, if I do say so myself. I really love working with HTML. Maybe someday I’ll learn CSS and Java.

So that made me feel good.

And now, I must go read!